Irritations of Life

Everything that irritates us about others can lead to an understanding about ourselves. Sometimes these irritations will not go away until we get to know why they got in our lives in the first place. There is a lesson in everything. You have made a mistake, said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing and now you think:

How did I let that happen? What a (fill in the blank) I am. I can’t believe I did that, If only I could rewind.

This is one of the many million irritations of life, Definitely not a good feeling and we live our lives in irony. We dislike how we feel having just tripped up and then continue to beat ourselves way after the fact. We cause our own suffering, furthermore we forget the fact that the mistakes we make help us grow. So what is Integral to happiness, growth and strength? Contrary to popular practice, it’s not being passive and living in the present. It’s not walking away from the past, It is in fact – making our mistakes the fuel of our awareness and helping us decide on how to act, react and respond in fresh and fruitful way.

If we give them the right direction and allow them, they can bring us closer to happiness, being strong and growing beyond imaginations, away from sufferings. So yes you have to fix it. You have to make your ego beg your wisdom to shape you better, make you stronger and help you grow faster. Simply walking away from the feeling of your unwanted past will not help you attain a happy future. You will be a victim in your head for life and that’s a disgusting feeling for someone who wishes to take charge of life. So accept where you are. You will immediately suffer less. Remember this is merely one moment in time. It only defines you and your worth if you choose to make it a defining moment. and Yes, this human moment has come to find you again, but you’re now higher up and can respond from a different place, literally, figuratively, emotionally, and intellectually.

It will not matter at this point how much wealth you have amassed, how people around you think you are a star, how much potential you have within you to be truly awesome, or how much wisdom you have acquired over the years. None of this will really matter when you are facing the irritations of life. How you have treated your past ultimately decides all. So to tackle this irritation of life, you should Ask yourself: How can I respond from this higher place instead of causing myself pain?

Think it, Say it, Act on it, and let it create your new character.

It is truly liberating to know that we are acting from an intelligent place today versus yesterday.

Woe is not you, Wisdom is.

We need to remember that everything transforms and then adopt a growth mindset. We need to practice the art of forgiving, forgetting and transforming then en-routing our mistakes and irritations in the right direction to shape our future. In the end the character we mould for ourselves should not remember us for the several mistakes we did, the times we got irritated, It should all be lost in the memory dump, what should be left in our control centre as a core memory are the lessons we learned. If we cannot discipline ourselves to do this. Then we will forever remain victims. In the end you should know that what consumes our mind, controls our lives!

We can Fix it, if we ask just 3 questions!

01. Did I cause this irritation? Is it some fault of mine?

02. What negative traits does this reveal in my life?

03. What qualities does God want to develop in me?

and this is the most important one, God brings testing to shape and mould us,
The answer to the second question and a bundled of other necessary traits to fix it,
Those are somethings that God is crafting our personality with.

To conclude, I would like to quote the famous poetry by Linda Winchell

An oyster first forms a pearl,
from the irritation of a single grain of sand.
It’s never placed by mistake inside you see,
it was placed by God’s gentle Loving hand.

Like so many things in man’s own life,
those irritants that we sometimes feel.
No different than the oysters grain of sand
but to us, much more irritating to deal.

God places these grains of sand in our lives
in-order that we all might learn.
To form the pearls we need to form
to place in the crowns, of which we’ve earned.