i hate India >>

Let’s face it. The whole world is posting about India. Some about the antecedent, others about the prevalent…and even more scuttlebutts about the future. Everyone around is celebrating Independence Day… A day to be remembered? Those who rebelled against the law of the land then, their tales are chronicled today. We take pride in listening […]

Times of India -Apology

Your protest letters did work…. They made an apology in the Corrections & Clarification Section of their paper. http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Search&Source=Find&Key=TOIM/2010/01/07/20/Ar02011.xml&CollName=TOI_MUMBAI_DAILY_2009&DOCID=172531&Keyword=(%3Cmany%3E%3Cstem%3Eiran)&skin=TOINEW&AppName=1&PageLabel=20%20&ViewMode=HTML&GZ=T Well as expected… Not as big as the article the published however..It is an apology… It is my sincere request to you, request in spite of this being your religious duty.. Please Boycott the products manufactured […]

Israeli troops occupied Gaza ..

i found this for today….tracing all of you back to the roots… June 6th the year 1967 …. Life in Gaza Before—and After—the 1967 War By Mohammed Omer “AYYAM ZAMAN” is Arabic for the “old days”—a time before occupation, checkpoints, dodging bullets from Israeli military snipers, seeking shelter from the steel rain of incoming hellfire […]