Mahe Ramdhan Kareem :-)

Peace be upon you,

The long awaited month – Mahe Ramdhan is here…
It’s time to fast, and our fast day should not be like other ordinary days. When we fast, all our senses – eyes, ears, tongue, hands and feet – must fast with us.”

Now a question – How?

Eyes: Keep your eyes off unlawful things and objects; spend this most precious gift of God in good cause and pious acts and read Qur’an and Do’as. >> Just looking at ones own mother is also Ibadat.

Ears: Abstain from hearing unlawful gossip, lies, false statements, music and obscene topics. Pay your attention towards sermons and topics of learning etc. >> There is so much we can just ear and understand, learn and live.

Tongue: Do not tell lies or useless tales; do not spread rumours or, damaging gossips about other persons; keep aloof from falsity. Use the power of speech in spreading the word of God; in creating goodwill in the society. Getting all human beings to live under one flag, one nation… rather than having divisions between on basis of caste, religion, region, color and so on..

Hand: Do not inflict injury upon others by your actions; instead strive to help them as far as you can. >> Just a simple act of serving a glass of water or filling a bottle for people to drink is going to get countless blessings..

Feet: Do not go towards forbidden places. Do not run between people creating a strife. Go towards those places, where God is remembered; and your movements should be to bring people together. Simply refrain from moving towards wasting time,, using it for useful purposes is in it self a deed.

And above all, our heart and mind must be with us in fasting. Because fast in its real sense, will not be complete unless our thoughts, our emotions, our actions – in short, all aspects of our life – become pure, clean and free from blemish.

It’s not as difficult as one things… We could inspire… We could be amongst the 313 >> Just a little devotion.

It’s quite possible…