Beloved Funny Robin Williams Dead

RIP Robin Williams!

So pay attention. This matters, as much as #Iraq and #Gaza. Differently, but as much. Do not condemn those who seemed unmoved by Gaza or Iraq but appear to be paralysed by the death of someone they’d never met. You’re on dangerous, holy ground if you’re with them. With all respect to the “#HonoraryJew” and his decision to end his own life, #RobinWilliams and condolences to his family and all fans, while I express grief and sorrow for the entertainer who made my childhood fun. I cannot help but connect the two issues, since his death, and prior to his death, his support to the State of Israel, I personally think that the survivors of the #ISIS attack in Iraq, Syria and the Gaza, survivors of the #Israel‘s offensive attack should all pause their grieving and mourn the death of the Oscar-winning actor who took his own life this Monday, at his luxury home in the exclusive town of Tiburon, just north San Francisco. Afterall they know how it is to lose a loved one better than anyone else around; After all doesn’t his suicide deserve to be trending all over the media, than the mass slaughter of innocent people.

If anyone of you feel suicidal, please call: 91-22-27546669

#PreventSucide #CondemnSucide #CondemnGenocide #CondemnWar

the only man to be born inside the Kaaba!

Sitting in the state of Texas, at an Islamic center which goes by the name
“Momin” in Irving, on a day that has always been celebrated in the entirety of my life with great joy.

The 13th of Rajab: Some days leave a mark on the coherent account of past, such marks that no events or happenings in the future can overwrite it,  Ali, peace be upon him, the son of Imran, upon whom, be peace too, was born on the 13th of Rajab inside the Holy Kaaba, The black cuboid that is placed on the center of our world map,  A place highly regarded by the entire Islamic world. Muslims, pray facing the direction of the Holy Kaaba, five times a day.

The only man to be born inside this respected, admired and treasured strucutre,. Needs no introduction, There have been oceans of ink written about him, Muslims regardless of their sect, Honor him and the Non Muslims who have studied about him, Take lessons from his teachings.

Today we all gather here to celebrate his birth-day, and remember his teachings, a function which was hosted by the Students of Shaheed Prof. Sibte Jaffar and awe-inspiring poet Mir Takallum, Mir Hasan Mir, Shahid Baltistani, dedicated devotional poems to Imam Ali.

The power of words was translated in to strength and vitality required for sustaining my almost drained physical and mental activity. The last poetry covered the jist of the battle of Khyber which is penned by Mir Takallum was recited by Mir Hasan Mir in a pitch that would penetrate your soul.

Which makes me say that, amongt all the wisdom that Ali has blessed us with, His teaching, at the peak of eloquence.. have raised a generation of philosphers, jurist, poets, chemist, botanist, mathematicians, and while we can go on to write about his wisdom and intellect, Ali in his physical form was just absolute and one, a warrior on the battle field who never saw defeat, well asserted in the battle of Khyber.

His wise words and actions of justice are documented in millions of book, here in this article, It’s a difficult choice to make but I would like to quote one of Ali’s own poetry translated to English,

Your sickness is within you, though you do not realize 
And your cure is within, yet you do not see 
You claim that you are nothing but a tiny entity 
Yet wrapped up inside of you is the greatest universe 
You are the clear book, through whose letters 
All that is secret is revealed and made known. 
So you have no need for anything outside of you 
Your consciousness is within you, though you do not know

The poet Kahlil Gibran said of him:

“In my view, ʿAlī was the first Arab to have contact with and converse with the universal soul. He died a martyr of his greatness, he died while prayer was between his two lips. The Arabs did not realise his value until appeared among their Persian neighbors some who knew the difference between gems and gravels.

If we just reflect on his maxims, His choice of words brings man down to the reality of what he is, As he says, that,

a man who sees through fat (eyes), hears through a bone (ears) and speaks through a lump of flesh (tongue), is a wonderful creature.

He needs to live amongst the people in such a manner that if he dies, they weep over him… If he is live.. they crave for his company..

While remembering my ideal, I wish to send my salutations to the leader of the age, Mohammad al-Mahdi, peace be upon him. and pray for his reappearance.

Losing Sibte Jafar :(


Freedom and justice have been twisted,
as an innocent man has been shot dead, While he motored from the place he shaped future, and personalities, two assailants on a motorcycle fired a volley of bullets at him, from the cruel targeted attack by the crooked clad in shalwar-kameez, we lost a Prominent educationist, a poet, an author, a polyglot and above all a humble and kind human.

Prof Sibte Jaffar the principal of Government Degree College, Qasimabad. All of his dreams and plans forever changed, the joy of life cruelly crushed by hatred, and the cold winds of strife.

In the light of the full moon his family’s life has been turned upside down leaving them lost and sadly alone as they watch from afar the ignorant hate that has ended a good man’s life just because he wouldn’t conform to their idea and school of thought.

All his life, Jafar kept an old motorcycle but you needed to call him only once for help in any personal or academic matter and he would arrive at the appointed place

Jafar’s students too remember him for his simplicity and love for Urdu poetry, especially in the elegy genre. He was well-versed in Urdu, Arabic and Persian. Jafar also authored several books and wrote thousands of marsiyas and nohas.

He was a devoted poet and trained hundreds of students in the art, the slain professor even established an institute to teach the art of writing and reciting elegy. About 5,000 students are enrolled at the institute.

The lost to Humanity is not just of Sibte Jafar, but the very idea he reflected in his poetry, those thoughts he authored, and those lessons he taught.

Lest this does not end with a 3 day mourning.