Vodafone and Faulty Sims

There is something cooking with Vodafone. It’s a thing for sure. My Sim Card was down since more than a week while I was roaming. iPhone never detected the Sim Card.

When I went to the Vodafone Store, They told me that my Sim Card was old and had been faulty. But there is something fishy I am sure about with these Sim Card which Vodafone is trying to hide.

Reason why I am saying this >>

01. During the same period many other people using Vodafone Services faced similar problem. Many in my network, my friends. In fact I met one at the Vodafone store it self. He faced the same problem.

02. The guy who replaced my Sim was buzzed and started to cover up when I asked him >> This problem is faced by many others as well?

All those of you who are facing this problem.. Write to Vodafone and the Media.. We officially need to know the reason for the downtime.