lost my email account..

Something really serious for all new blogger @ word press to know..

happy to have my domain pointed to my word press blog, i was all gung ho about it.. but something which i never expected happened to me.. this is really sad.. and that’s the reason, we should not expect anything out of anyone.. .. i always decide to be prepared for the worst.. and then re-decide for the next time after the worst is already here.. more preventive steps i take .. more discoveries of worst come across.. 

once my domain pointed to the word press name servers.. i stop receiving emails in my domain’s account that’s – da_dude@alihasni.com … sad for me that i did not suspect word press for this.. since i had just changed the name servers and not the mx record which manages the email server.. so there was no question to suspect word press for this..

how ever… pass 4 days i had not been receiving any emails in my account and this made me really wonder.. not even my regular subscriptions were delivered.. i receive 30 to 40 emails a day.. and there was nothing in 4 days.. 

then i tried writing an email to my self and to my shock i realised that it is bouncing back for some reason.. like a fool i decided to take the matter up my self instead of writing to Microsoft… i logged in to my Windows Admin Control Panel and there it showed me pending dns configuration.. i still did not suspect word press that this could be because i changed my name servers…

thinking something might have gone wrong .. i changed the mx record again to what the page on Windows Admin Control Panel was asking me to do…

this still did not work.. because somehow word press had got the mx record setting in their control .. although i have not registered the domain with them.. had just pointed the name servers to them.,,,

then only God knows what i was trying to discover.. I clicked on a button that said Edit Mail Box and then pressed OK.. in spite of the warning that i could lose my messages.

if you believe me.. every single communication i had in my in box, draft, sent box everything is gone.. all my folders.. and i do not have a backup… 

i did not lose my cool this time.. and i do not know why.. although this is really important to me.. may be i have just got use to losing important stuff… or i have seriously gained control over emotions.. i just shut down the pc after seeing i have lost every communication of mine and diverted my mind from there.. 

damn there were more than 7000 mails and 1500 unread mails.. which i still had to read in detail… 

after 2 days…. still hunting for the mistake i made.. i was going through the word press faq to see that if i change my name servers does it really affect my mx record.. and there it said .. yes i will not be able to continue with my mail service.. DAMN >> why did i not read this first????

i wrote to Microsoft today.. asking them to somehow restore my in box with all my folders and mails.. hope they co-operate and do it.. till then my email will not be working ….

i now decide to keep a redirection page on my domain to word press blog instead of pointing dns.. because i just love the Hotmail Interface.. and now it’s Windows Live.. it’s even better.. and I want to keep up to this.. 

so please please pray … that i get my communications back somehow..