a bloody october start …

30th September 2010: a day that will define the future of human race, a day that will start a bloody war…a day that will lead to massacre of millions… a day when the oppressed will know the truth… the Thursday that deserves more prayers than the rest… the day when every nation will have a stand…. that day when every individual would have a stand…the 30th of September 2010… when the duration of sunlight is a minute less than complete 12 hours.. when the sky will witness a waning gibbous moon… 2 days for the scheduled events…

Events on which the future of man-kind rest…events that will decide the life of billions….events that will decide what generation-next has to witness.. events that will tear governments apart.. events that will overpower the oppressors of the world … events that will give the oppressed a stronger reason, a reason to rise….

the significance of day after, will not be decided by the actions of the rulers… the significance of the day will be determined by the reactions of the people…

It was the 30th of Sept, 2005, when the Danish Newspaper Jyllands-Posten had provoked billions across the globe… 5 years of it’s anniversary coming 30th Sept… 5 years have past when those cartoons of prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) were published… hundreds have lost their life in protest… those hundreds did not lose their life for a discontinued investigation.. and apology does not count if it does not mean..

It was the 30th of Sept, when Mordechai Vanunu was drugged and kidnapped by Israeli intelligence agents.. truth was suppressed… it’s always suppressed…

Prominent leaders from all political and religious parties of Pakistan, intellectuals, Newspapers Editors, retired generals and think tanks have been invited to attend the National Kashmir Conference being organized, at Mansoora, it’s the coming September 30…. The Conference will discuss the current uprising in Kashmir and work out the future line of action to secure the liberation of the Kashmiris from India’s hold… it is going to be a defining moment .. a moment of decisions..

It is going to be the 30th of Sept when billions will await the high court to pronounce the verdict of Babri Masjid…will there be Justice at all ?? It is our reactions that will define future… It’s time to take a stand.. Time to demand Justice.. Justice in real sense…

There is no different date for the Peace talks of Palestine and Israel… the talks that will define the stands of the nations across the globe.. the talks that will see peace? or a bloody war…

“If we fail on the 30th [of September], expect another war by the end of this year; and more wars in the region over the coming years. – Jordon King Abdulla II

The day has seen the truth being suppressed….. the day has seen warnings.. the days has seen the oppressors oppressed… the day awaits Justice and Peace….

It is going to affect all of us… It’s is going to define the future… It does not matter whether we are in the bottom billion or the top 13…

If Justice is not served….there is no hope for peace..
Justice in peace talks, justice in high court judgement…

Hope for peace will start a bloody war for Justice…

sked >>

I don’t really retrieve but I read this somewhere.. and ever since I read this quotation.. I changed the way I desired for things…

It’s a funny thing about life.. -If you don’t really accept anything but the best, You very often get it.

On the first instance of reading it..There was an extreme feeling.. I thought success was all about being satisfied. But I did not reject this idea.. Because the quotation did make a rational point. Then I decided to give it a shot, Experiment with a few wants of mine…and It was indeed worth learning. The day I accomplished my first desire with this belief. I made it a value and I said to my self, that from Today, It is going to be most difficult and challenging. Today I will face my fears and stand up for what I believe is right. Today my noble and selfless acts will be accused of cruel and greedy intentions. The methods will be criticized to be impractical and irrational…But No matter what the outcome, I will be stronger, my family will be closer, I will not lose anyone, and I will finally have the closure that I have been seeking for so many years.

The good day started with a positive attitude and a great cup of coffee..then I understood that A person may be inherently wise or experienced, but that means little or nothing if he/she is perceived as a fool. Kudos to those who have the abilities to do what I cannot do. But that’s how the world works around !!

When I tell them my dreams are bigger than my wallet, but I’ll find a way.. It makes no sense to them. Everyone around talks about attainments and not the potential and things work only when You realize your potential.

The only one who is responsible for the way your life works out is you. You cannot change the past, but you can take responsibility for your future. All it takes is a decision. Decide to live a life of discipline rather than one of regret. Remember that discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons. Beneath the criticism is an underlying message. Criticism is a smoke screen for deeper feelings. Compare criticism to cheese on a mousetrap. What happens when the mouse takes the cheese? He gets his tail caught in the trap. That’s what happens when you take the bait of criticism. Don’t take the bait, But then saying nothing when you really want to say something only pushes those differences, disagreements, and conflicts under a simmering surface. Just be careful about how you air your feelings when you decide to open up during a conflict.

All I know is that hundreds of years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove… But the world may be different because I did something so bafflingly crazy that my ruins become a tourist attraction and for all this to happen I know I cannot change the seasons or the wind (at least, not yet), but I can change myself. As devastating as things may seem, there is always that glimmer of hope to guide you through the storm. All I can tell these people is that If I’m not back in five minutes… just wait longer. But the storm I want to go in is worth the learning.

They ask me How did you fit a lion in your pocket? No wonder it’s ready to roar, Then I tell them If you find it hard to laugh at yourself, I would be happy to do it for you…. here my sarcasm only gets me in trouble So I excuse -my brain-to-mouth filter is malfunctioning. But Easy, guys.. I put my pants on just like the rest of you — one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I think.

And I don’t really think that I’m gonna grab one of those bulls over there and ride into town like a conquistador to challenge Hatcher to a duel, show him who the real tooth fairy is. I don’t believe it works that way. I say only If I change my self to what I believe, I can see the change around then. Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I dunno, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. May be I’ll hit somebody with my car. So sue me– no, don’t sue me. That is opposite the point I’m trying to make.

So the update is that It’s been 243 days since my last attempt to take over the world. I’ve been distracted by my current mission: to leave everyone uninformed and clueless….

Otherwise >>Everything is going according to the Sked…


It’s a complicated world. The deeper I get into the ways I desire to live, farther things get for me.

Decision making is never easy when it comes down to decisions that shape ones personality. It is even more difficult when there is an opportunity cost, a sacrifice coupled with the decision to make. Now I am able to comprehend how and why most people are circumstanced to what they are.

If paracetamol was a solution to decision making and not just another acetaminophen, Then certainly the company would be the biggest corporation the human race ever witnessed.

It’s not easy to make the right decision, not everyone perceives it. It gets to be more difficult if loved ones are unable to understand the reasons for it. Even if they are able to understand the decisions there are those social barriers, traditions and answering to the people around which one has to face.

People come around saying “be realistic, follow the system, and you will be what you wish to be” I am unable to digest this because, I believe in being the change. My logic bubble is incapable of understanding how one can fight the system being a part of it.

No matter the gravity of the decision, It’s not going to be easy If it is to bring dishonor to loved ones.

i hate India >>

Let’s face it.

The whole world is posting about India. Some about the antecedent, others about the prevalent…and even more scuttlebutts about the future. Everyone around is celebrating Independence Day… A day to be remembered? Those who rebelled against the law of the land then, their tales are chronicled today. We take pride in listening to them.

But what were all those sacrifices for? Dozens of you may answer – An Independent Country! That’s what has been sold to us since 1947. That’s what we believe. That’s our credence. But unfortunately that’s not the truth. WAKE UP! It’s NOW or NEVER. It was Do or Die… It was never Rebel or Accept “Her Majesty”…

At a rally of Indians in Burma, July 4, 1944, A man who’s death is still a mystery said somethings, he said

give me blood and i promise you freedom

It wasn’t that simple one liner we hear all the time, It was a rhetoric bombast, the undue use of exaggeration was for liberation. It was for liberty, Liberty of each and every Individual.

The man who walked with mere 78 men on March 12, 1930 covering a distance of over 390 Kilometers to pick a lump of salty mud and declare

“With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire.”

He then boiled it in seawater, producing illegal salt. He implored (by then) his thousands of followers to likewise begin making salt along the seashore, “wherever it is convenient” and to instruct villagers in making illegal, but necessary, salt. What did he want to signify? Why did he want to shake the foundations of British Empire? It was for liberty, Liberty of each and every Individual.The British Empire did not give liberty.

What many of us don’t understand till today is the very cause -why we did not want the British to rule India? Most of the Indians today are buying the reason that they did not belong to the mother-land and so they did not have the right to rule. I am sorry, I am not a party to it.

Studying the coherent past of accounts, studying the history, What I understand is that we wanted Liberty, We wanted freedom to do things as a single human. We wanted freedom to do things as a nation, an indivisible entity.

Nobody back then was in combat to decide who they want to be ruled by?
They were in battle for independence. Not to just over throw one tyrant over another.

If the whole issue was that only Indians could rule India. Then the Mughals when invaded India and ruled over centuries would have faced analogous rebellions across the country. But NO. In fact the very same history books state that they were in agreements with the Maratha Kings and other leaders of the nation then. Are Indians racist? Oh… May be they did not want the “White” to rule them.

Wake up! All we wanted is Freedom, Independence – Liberty. The Mughals did not treat India as a colony. They did not treat the Indians as slave. They sat with Indians on the same level. They did not deny the Indian Nation of any freedom.

So one thing I say with freedom from doubt -Back then we did not want the British to leave because they were foreigners but because they denied the freedom we wanted. They treated us like slaves.

Now with this being crystal clear… Let’s face the fact that the Independence day we are celebrating today makes no sense, and anyone with the little common sense in their medulla oblongata will understand this. One really does not need to be a highbrow.

We are the largest democracy of the world. We take pride, We boast of it.
But do we really have the freedom.

Let’s see on paper… It says “Fundamental Rights in India”

The right to equality
The right to freedom
The right to freedom from exploitation
The right to freedom of religion
Cultural and educational rights
The right to constitutional remedies
The right to Education

Holy Lord. It’s a serious mockery of those who shed their blood for all the above rights. It is lamentable.
How deplorable it is? We call it 63 Years of Independence, We did not have a day of it. Only thing replaced was the person who treats us like slaves.

Many of you may wonder what I am saying, others might say oh! we are in a democratic country and we do have independence.. there are certain issues that exist.. but I am independent… lol… it’s the best way to fool one self…. I say look at the man in the glass, If you can say to him today morning when you get up the following sentences and mean them. I salute you then.

Just say the following

I, an Indian, on the day of Independence, declare that I have the right to equality. I am considered equivalent to a brother-citizen no matter which part of India I go. There ain’t any reservations and quotas in the colleges I get admitted too, Because Equality is above all. No matter who I am -Hindu, Muslim, Gujrati or Marathi, I am not preferred over anyone. Religion, Tribal and Regional quotas don’t really exist, cause the Law hasn’t recognized them. That’s why I can go purely on my merit anywhere. To any university, To any company anywhere I want. So I say that I have my first right “Right to Equality”

As for my “Right to Freedom” is concerned. I am an entirely free man. If I am doing anything which is not against the LAW. I face absolutely no problems. When I abide by all the LAWS. I have to pay nothing extra, No bribes to get my work done. I don’t even face any delays to my work. No one can just sit over my file for months. I am a free man, because the hard earned money I get can be spent the way I want. I am never questioned by the government on why I spend like that. They TAX system is absolutely something that I understand, because the more I earn the more I pay is well practiced and there are no loop holes in the system that make it vice-versa. I am a free man because I can meet the Prime Minister of the country when ever I want.

Coming to my third fundamental right that is “freedom from exploitation”. It’s totally with me. No one in this free country has the power to detain me without a reason. There is no corruption here, So there is no exploitation. I take pride in saying that in Independent India, I have never been exploited by the LAW. Be it the Passport office, The Hospitals or the Municipality. Keeping the Police and the Court of Justice above all.
I am free from any exploitation or at least I can fight any in the Legal court knowing that it won’t go on for years.

Oh.. and Yes.. My Right to Freedom of Religion is respected throughout the nation. If I choose to be a Muslim. The Bajrang Dal, VHP or RSS does not come knocking at my door to beat the shit out of me and my family or I will never be slaughtered alive in Gujrat atleast the Cheif Minister won’t let it happen. If I choose to be a Sikh, There really won’t be any Jagdish Tytler backed as a member of parliament in the ruling party of the country. If I choose to be a Hindu I won’t have to buy a VIP or a regular pass to get in-to a temple. They treat us all equal. As a Hindu. I feel I am safe in this country and not a soft target of Indian Mujahideen, Because the government is synonym to Justice, when they catch terrorist alive like Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru their execution is not delayed for political gains but the moment one is proven guilty they are punished all in the duration mentioned by the Law books it self. So I really have faith in the government and face no problems showing my passport and telling my name at the airport. I was never picked up and scrutinized because My name is Khan.

The political parties in the country here really respect my cultural and educational rights. Because I am free to do my Chatt Pooja at Juhu Beach without any confrontation with Raj Thakery. As a North Indian I can work any where in Maharashtra even in or with the BMC. If I choose not to learn Gujrathi in Gujrat and Marathi in Maharashtra the Education board does not have any problems. It is not a compulsory subject. No matter where in India I go, The government officers are never racist. They never delay my work because I am from a particular state or I speak a particular language. Even in the Court of Justice. When I demand a copy of my Charge-sheet in my mother language, I get it at no cost.

Rights to constitutional remedies is one thing I craved for. I have that now. The Media is regulated so well by the government of my country that If I have a case in the Court of Justice to be held. The Media will wait for the Judgement and not just defame my image before the judgement. The Lawyers are so co-operative that they don’t really think that they are doing a favor to me. They fight for Justice and not play with words in court to mock the system. I can go till the supreme court and I am assured I will get justice before the person responsible for the crime dies. I am proud of the fact that Justice is above all in my country and laws are not manipulated by the corporates to acquire land and wealth of the poor for absolute nothing.

and the much spoken Right to Education is a really affordable right. My country’s great. It sponsors education. I give no donation to any institute in spite of having a good merit score. It’s my right. There ain’t any quotas in colleges for acquiring education. Money doesn’t really play a big role in my country when it comes to getting knowledge -that’s cause it is my fundamental right.

I could face the man in the glass. I said it with out even a pause. I am independent and so I proudly celebrate my Fundamental Rights today.

What about the premorse of Kashmir? Oh.. Who cares?
What about Palestinians? – What Should I do about it? It’s not even in India.

If you have realized the TRUTH. If you have realized what I am trying to convey.
Don’t let the sacrifice of more than a million people go waste. They did not fight to replace rulers.
They fought for liberty. We still don’t have the liberty!

The struggle is not yet over. We the youth of India have to face this truth. The sooner we do. The faster we can commit to actions and happiness can be pursued. It’s time to revolt. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to fight for the very fundamental rights mentioned above. It’s time we fight corruption at it’s root level. It’s time we have leader in the honest sprite of liberty and freedom. It’s NOW or Never. It’s DO or Die.

sitting 400 Kilometers away from the Financial Capital of India….
Trying to wake India today to the truth. WILL NOT HELP – I know.

If you agree to what I say. Let’s do something today.
Something that shakes the government to the roots. [Just like the British Empire was]
Something that will give us freedom in all senses.

Call it a Political Movement… It will be suppressed – I Know.
But all tyrants have oppressed and people have had sleepless nights- [HISTORY]

The same man who walked kilometers to Dandi for liberty said

“Be the change you wish to see”

Let’s be the change, till the last breath of oxygen and last drop of blood.
I want all those who think can contribute to CHANGE to INBOX IDEAS >>

and It’s not for India, Not for Palestine, Nor for Kashmir or any other disputed land…
It’s for the Independence of Humans. It’s for Humanity.

Let’s have a flag for Humanity raised today.

By the way, I love this world more than one particular region here….and having said that I am more attached to India as anyone would love ones motherland. The title was just made catchy to attract your attention to our independence. It worked well 😉

Mahe Ramdhan Kareem :-)

Peace be upon you,

The long awaited month – Mahe Ramdhan is here…
It’s time to fast, and our fast day should not be like other ordinary days. When we fast, all our senses – eyes, ears, tongue, hands and feet – must fast with us.”

Now a question – How?

Eyes: Keep your eyes off unlawful things and objects; spend this most precious gift of God in good cause and pious acts and read Qur’an and Do’as. >> Just looking at ones own mother is also Ibadat.

Ears: Abstain from hearing unlawful gossip, lies, false statements, music and obscene topics. Pay your attention towards sermons and topics of learning etc. >> There is so much we can just ear and understand, learn and live.

Tongue: Do not tell lies or useless tales; do not spread rumours or, damaging gossips about other persons; keep aloof from falsity. Use the power of speech in spreading the word of God; in creating goodwill in the society. Getting all human beings to live under one flag, one nation… rather than having divisions between on basis of caste, religion, region, color and so on..

Hand: Do not inflict injury upon others by your actions; instead strive to help them as far as you can. >> Just a simple act of serving a glass of water or filling a bottle for people to drink is going to get countless blessings..

Feet: Do not go towards forbidden places. Do not run between people creating a strife. Go towards those places, where God is remembered; and your movements should be to bring people together. Simply refrain from moving towards wasting time,, using it for useful purposes is in it self a deed.

And above all, our heart and mind must be with us in fasting. Because fast in its real sense, will not be complete unless our thoughts, our emotions, our actions – in short, all aspects of our life – become pure, clean and free from blemish.

It’s not as difficult as one things… We could inspire… We could be amongst the 313 >> Just a little devotion.

It’s quite possible…

I am a stone pelter too.

The governments calling the people for stop protesting. Politics all around and Dirty Politics.

It’s really something we need to understand and address. Something that needs real attention. Something that is a reason for the unrest in the world.

The problem of occupied land is of grave concern. What we are seeing is the reaction of the people there. They throw stone, They are aggressive and all of the presentation.

What I recall is the scene from Tare Zameen Par, where they talk about the child re-action and attitude towards things, They don’t talk about the problem.

If India is a parent figure for Kashmir, P. Chindaram, I request you instead of calling for a close on the protest.

Put the Indian Military and the CRPF on the Border. Address the issue. The Kashmiris do not want the military there.

Vodafone and Faulty Sims

There is something cooking with Vodafone. It’s a thing for sure. My Sim Card was down since more than a week while I was roaming. iPhone never detected the Sim Card.

When I went to the Vodafone Store, They told me that my Sim Card was old and had been faulty. But there is something fishy I am sure about with these Sim Card which Vodafone is trying to hide.

Reason why I am saying this >>

01. During the same period many other people using Vodafone Services faced similar problem. Many in my network, my friends. In fact I met one at the Vodafone store it self. He faced the same problem.

02. The guy who replaced my Sim was buzzed and started to cover up when I asked him >> This problem is faced by many others as well?

All those of you who are facing this problem.. Write to Vodafone and the Media.. We officially need to know the reason for the downtime.

Degree or Education?

Thinking, Rationalizing, Reflecting >> What’s more important.

a) A Degree
b) An Education

Many of you may ask what’s the difference. Some of you may know the difference.
But what limits the world from actualizing the difference publicly?
All of us want graduates? Isn’t it?

Let me drag you an era before the medieval history, An Era we recall -what is Ancient History.
People living in that period did not know what a university was. In fact a university never existed then.

People did not get honored with degrees or graduated ever, There ain’t any convocations then.
There were no scaling system at all to measure ones IQ and promote or demote one to a specific grade.

What existed back then was Education. University is just a creation of 859, when a young princess named Fatima al-Firhi founded the first degree-granting university in Fez, Morocco. This creation was a really good thing that happened to humans -Certainly.

However the evolution in corruption since then has put a big question to what kind of Education the modern universities are offering? There is no education, Not any more.

On a serious note. The students are not learning anything in these universities. Most of the times, It is self-study. So why are they still studying there? It’s the degree which matters.

The people today are more concerned about their qualification. They want to be called a graduate. That’s because they will be employable. They will be one-up in this temporary society.

What matters more to me is Education. It’s a big waste of time going to a university just for a degree. Degree for me at least is no more a criteria for measuring ones IQ. That’s because people purchase degrees. Unfortunately those who even study and get out of these universities learn nothing which is used for practical applications. Many of them are unemployable.

I plan to DROP OUT. I plan to educate my self with knowledge and not the so called degrees and certificates.
I plan to learn what is required and not the dozens of waste being taught around. I plan to study concrete and universal laws. Laws that do not change with time.

All this would not give me a degree, It would not even give me a Qualification as the times demand.
But my plan achieves a lot of saved time, saved money and importantly True Education.

An Education which is not hijacked by the wealthy. Which is not governed by Laws.
Which gives experience in practical applications. An Education which is not manipulated for Power.

I understand I am a little late. But Not any more of wasting time. I consider DROPPING OUT NOW.

what the human race has to suffer..

Saudi airspace open for Iran attack

According to the report, a Saudi government source confirmed that a blind eye would be turned to Israeli jets attacking Iran. An Israeli attempt to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities would likely target uranium enrichment facilities at Qom and Natanz as well as a heavy water reactor at Arak and a gas storage development at Isfahan.

>>> god sake.. give them brains..

dun’t they understand what they have done
dun’t they realize anything of what they have invited..