Losing Sibte Jafar :(


Freedom and justice have been twisted,
as an innocent man has been shot dead, While he motored from the place he shaped future, and personalities, two assailants on a motorcycle fired a volley of bullets at him, from the cruel targeted attack by the crooked clad in shalwar-kameez, we lost a Prominent educationist, a poet, an author, a polyglot and above all a humble and kind human.

Prof Sibte Jaffar the principal of Government Degree College, Qasimabad. All of his dreams and plans forever changed, the joy of life cruelly crushed by hatred, and the cold winds of strife.

In the light of the full moon his family’s life has been turned upside down leaving them lost and sadly alone as they watch from afar the ignorant hate that has ended a good man’s life just because he wouldn’t conform to their idea and school of thought.

All his life, Jafar kept an old motorcycle but you needed to call him only once for help in any personal or academic matter and he would arrive at the appointed place

Jafar’s students too remember him for his simplicity and love for Urdu poetry, especially in the elegy genre. He was well-versed in Urdu, Arabic and Persian. Jafar also authored several books and wrote thousands of marsiyas and nohas.

He was a devoted poet and trained hundreds of students in the art, the slain professor even established an institute to teach the art of writing and reciting elegy. About 5,000 students are enrolled at the institute.

The lost to Humanity is not just of Sibte Jafar, but the very idea he reflected in his poetry, those thoughts he authored, and those lessons he taught.

Lest this does not end with a 3 day mourning.


  1. It’s one thing to disagree with people based on their beliefs and values.
    It’s another thing to disagree with people and retaliate by brutally torturing and murdering them.
    Shia’s have been persecuted for 1400+ years and to this day, Yazid’s offsprings are attempting to break us down.
    Okay, they do not consider Shia’s to be Muslims, but Islam does not condone the systematic genocide of ANY sect or religion. Who gave them the authority to decide whether we live or not based on our faith? Who gave them the authority to wrongfully orphan children and widow spouses? Is this what their “Islam” teaches? True Islam has and will forever promote peace and love. True Islam will always stand firm against tyranny and oppression.

    Laanat on Yazid and his offsprings.
    Long live the message of Imam Hussain (as).
    Al Ajal Ya Imam (atfs)

  2. Al Fatiha for the soul of Shaheed Sibte Jafar who was killed in the wave of #shiagenocide.
    He lives on through his poetry.

    Ghusle Mayat na kehna mere Ghusl ko
    Ujlay mabloos ko na kafan Naam do
    Main Chala hoon Ali say mulaqat ko
    Jiski thi Arzoo woh Ghari Agayee

    Ya Hussain.

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