It’s a complicated world. The deeper I get into the ways I desire to live, farther things get for me.

Decision making is never easy when it comes down to decisions that shape ones personality. It is even more difficult when there is an opportunity cost, a sacrifice coupled with the decision to make. Now I am able to comprehend how and why most people are circumstanced to what they are.

If paracetamol was a solution to decision making and not just another acetaminophen, Then certainly the company would be the biggest corporation the human race ever witnessed.

It’s not easy to make the right decision, not everyone perceives it. It gets to be more difficult if loved ones are unable to understand the reasons for it. Even if they are able to understand the decisions there are those social barriers, traditions and answering to the people around which one has to face.

People come around saying “be realistic, follow the system, and you will be what you wish to be” I am unable to digest this because, I believe in being the change. My logic bubble is incapable of understanding how one can fight the system being a part of it.

No matter the gravity of the decision, It’s not going to be easy If it is to bring dishonor to loved ones.

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