i hate India >>

Let’s face it.

The whole world is posting about India. Some about the antecedent, others about the prevalent…and even more scuttlebutts about the future. Everyone around is celebrating Independence Day… A day to be remembered? Those who rebelled against the law of the land then, their tales are chronicled today. We take pride in listening to them.

But what were all those sacrifices for? Dozens of you may answer – An Independent Country! That’s what has been sold to us since 1947. That’s what we believe. That’s our credence. But unfortunately that’s not the truth. WAKE UP! It’s NOW or NEVER. It was Do or Die… It was never Rebel or Accept “Her Majesty”…

At a rally of Indians in Burma, July 4, 1944, A man who’s death is still a mystery said somethings, he said

give me blood and i promise you freedom

It wasn’t that simple one liner we hear all the time, It was a rhetoric bombast, the undue use of exaggeration was for liberation. It was for liberty, Liberty of each and every Individual.

The man who walked with mere 78 men on March 12, 1930 covering a distance of over 390 Kilometers to pick a lump of salty mud and declare

“With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire.”

He then boiled it in seawater, producing illegal salt. He implored (by then) his thousands of followers to likewise begin making salt along the seashore, “wherever it is convenient” and to instruct villagers in making illegal, but necessary, salt. What did he want to signify? Why did he want to shake the foundations of British Empire? It was for liberty, Liberty of each and every Individual.The British Empire did not give liberty.

What many of us don’t understand till today is the very cause -why we did not want the British to rule India? Most of the Indians today are buying the reason that they did not belong to the mother-land and so they did not have the right to rule. I am sorry, I am not a party to it.

Studying the coherent past of accounts, studying the history, What I understand is that we wanted Liberty, We wanted freedom to do things as a single human. We wanted freedom to do things as a nation, an indivisible entity.

Nobody back then was in combat to decide who they want to be ruled by?
They were in battle for independence. Not to just over throw one tyrant over another.

If the whole issue was that only Indians could rule India. Then the Mughals when invaded India and ruled over centuries would have faced analogous rebellions across the country. But NO. In fact the very same history books state that they were in agreements with the Maratha Kings and other leaders of the nation then. Are Indians racist? Oh… May be they did not want the “White” to rule them.

Wake up! All we wanted is Freedom, Independence – Liberty. The Mughals did not treat India as a colony. They did not treat the Indians as slave. They sat with Indians on the same level. They did not deny the Indian Nation of any freedom.

So one thing I say with freedom from doubt -Back then we did not want the British to leave because they were foreigners but because they denied the freedom we wanted. They treated us like slaves.

Now with this being crystal clear… Let’s face the fact that the Independence day we are celebrating today makes no sense, and anyone with the little common sense in their medulla oblongata will understand this. One really does not need to be a highbrow.

We are the largest democracy of the world. We take pride, We boast of it.
But do we really have the freedom.

Let’s see on paper… It says “Fundamental Rights in India”

The right to equality
The right to freedom
The right to freedom from exploitation
The right to freedom of religion
Cultural and educational rights
The right to constitutional remedies
The right to Education

Holy Lord. It’s a serious mockery of those who shed their blood for all the above rights. It is lamentable.
How deplorable it is? We call it 63 Years of Independence, We did not have a day of it. Only thing replaced was the person who treats us like slaves.

Many of you may wonder what I am saying, others might say oh! we are in a democratic country and we do have independence.. there are certain issues that exist.. but I am independent… lol… it’s the best way to fool one self…. I say look at the man in the glass, If you can say to him today morning when you get up the following sentences and mean them. I salute you then.

Just say the following

I, an Indian, on the day of Independence, declare that I have the right to equality. I am considered equivalent to a brother-citizen no matter which part of India I go. There ain’t any reservations and quotas in the colleges I get admitted too, Because Equality is above all. No matter who I am -Hindu, Muslim, Gujrati or Marathi, I am not preferred over anyone. Religion, Tribal and Regional quotas don’t really exist, cause the Law hasn’t recognized them. That’s why I can go purely on my merit anywhere. To any university, To any company anywhere I want. So I say that I have my first right “Right to Equality”

As for my “Right to Freedom” is concerned. I am an entirely free man. If I am doing anything which is not against the LAW. I face absolutely no problems. When I abide by all the LAWS. I have to pay nothing extra, No bribes to get my work done. I don’t even face any delays to my work. No one can just sit over my file for months. I am a free man, because the hard earned money I get can be spent the way I want. I am never questioned by the government on why I spend like that. They TAX system is absolutely something that I understand, because the more I earn the more I pay is well practiced and there are no loop holes in the system that make it vice-versa. I am a free man because I can meet the Prime Minister of the country when ever I want.

Coming to my third fundamental right that is “freedom from exploitation”. It’s totally with me. No one in this free country has the power to detain me without a reason. There is no corruption here, So there is no exploitation. I take pride in saying that in Independent India, I have never been exploited by the LAW. Be it the Passport office, The Hospitals or the Municipality. Keeping the Police and the Court of Justice above all.
I am free from any exploitation or at least I can fight any in the Legal court knowing that it won’t go on for years.

Oh.. and Yes.. My Right to Freedom of Religion is respected throughout the nation. If I choose to be a Muslim. The Bajrang Dal, VHP or RSS does not come knocking at my door to beat the shit out of me and my family or I will never be slaughtered alive in Gujrat atleast the Cheif Minister won’t let it happen. If I choose to be a Sikh, There really won’t be any Jagdish Tytler backed as a member of parliament in the ruling party of the country. If I choose to be a Hindu I won’t have to buy a VIP or a regular pass to get in-to a temple. They treat us all equal. As a Hindu. I feel I am safe in this country and not a soft target of Indian Mujahideen, Because the government is synonym to Justice, when they catch terrorist alive like Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru their execution is not delayed for political gains but the moment one is proven guilty they are punished all in the duration mentioned by the Law books it self. So I really have faith in the government and face no problems showing my passport and telling my name at the airport. I was never picked up and scrutinized because My name is Khan.

The political parties in the country here really respect my cultural and educational rights. Because I am free to do my Chatt Pooja at Juhu Beach without any confrontation with Raj Thakery. As a North Indian I can work any where in Maharashtra even in or with the BMC. If I choose not to learn Gujrathi in Gujrat and Marathi in Maharashtra the Education board does not have any problems. It is not a compulsory subject. No matter where in India I go, The government officers are never racist. They never delay my work because I am from a particular state or I speak a particular language. Even in the Court of Justice. When I demand a copy of my Charge-sheet in my mother language, I get it at no cost.

Rights to constitutional remedies is one thing I craved for. I have that now. The Media is regulated so well by the government of my country that If I have a case in the Court of Justice to be held. The Media will wait for the Judgement and not just defame my image before the judgement. The Lawyers are so co-operative that they don’t really think that they are doing a favor to me. They fight for Justice and not play with words in court to mock the system. I can go till the supreme court and I am assured I will get justice before the person responsible for the crime dies. I am proud of the fact that Justice is above all in my country and laws are not manipulated by the corporates to acquire land and wealth of the poor for absolute nothing.

and the much spoken Right to Education is a really affordable right. My country’s great. It sponsors education. I give no donation to any institute in spite of having a good merit score. It’s my right. There ain’t any quotas in colleges for acquiring education. Money doesn’t really play a big role in my country when it comes to getting knowledge -that’s cause it is my fundamental right.

I could face the man in the glass. I said it with out even a pause. I am independent and so I proudly celebrate my Fundamental Rights today.

What about the premorse of Kashmir? Oh.. Who cares?
What about Palestinians? – What Should I do about it? It’s not even in India.

If you have realized the TRUTH. If you have realized what I am trying to convey.
Don’t let the sacrifice of more than a million people go waste. They did not fight to replace rulers.
They fought for liberty. We still don’t have the liberty!

The struggle is not yet over. We the youth of India have to face this truth. The sooner we do. The faster we can commit to actions and happiness can be pursued. It’s time to revolt. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to fight for the very fundamental rights mentioned above. It’s time we fight corruption at it’s root level. It’s time we have leader in the honest sprite of liberty and freedom. It’s NOW or Never. It’s DO or Die.

sitting 400 Kilometers away from the Financial Capital of India….
Trying to wake India today to the truth. WILL NOT HELP – I know.

If you agree to what I say. Let’s do something today.
Something that shakes the government to the roots. [Just like the British Empire was]
Something that will give us freedom in all senses.

Call it a Political Movement… It will be suppressed – I Know.
But all tyrants have oppressed and people have had sleepless nights- [HISTORY]

The same man who walked kilometers to Dandi for liberty said

“Be the change you wish to see”

Let’s be the change, till the last breath of oxygen and last drop of blood.
I want all those who think can contribute to CHANGE to INBOX IDEAS >>

and It’s not for India, Not for Palestine, Nor for Kashmir or any other disputed land…
It’s for the Independence of Humans. It’s for Humanity.

Let’s have a flag for Humanity raised today.

By the way, I love this world more than one particular region here….and having said that I am more attached to India as anyone would love ones motherland. The title was just made catchy to attract your attention to our independence. It worked well 😉

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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.... I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to anyone's expectations; thereby a real loner in the crowd. Having said that, I believe that I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. With the heart that feels and the mind that thinks...I am not myself in any degree ashamed of having changed my opinions a billion times to reach a correct conclusion. Without knowing what I am and why I am here, life for me is impossible. I just love to study how things came into being, Love to watch the impressions created on the sand of time. You would see me talking to myself and the reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept and I would like to be what I am. I like it that way. I also call myself a militant pacifist. As I am willing to fight for peace. In matters of fashion I flow with the current, but In matters of principle I am like the stiff rock in the ocean that is not moved by any of the waves. At the same time I realize that there are six billion people living, with another six trillion principles to a particular thing. Modestly, I would love to know them all and see If I can break that stiff rock of the ocean. Looks, Status, Wealth are of no real significance for me. What I aim for in my self and look in other people around is Wisdom, Modesty, Good Character, Honesty and Credibility.. These things are really important.. When I am saying being a good character, There are a lot of people who have defined it their ways. But I simply mean "doing what is right when nobody is looking" and When I say credibility, That is when they practice what the preach. those are the lines of my thought !!

10 thoughts on “i hate India >>”

  1. Yes Nishant, You better don’t point the flaws in this article.
    Because your language, It would make me me stoop way too low.

    As it’s wisely said.
    “Never Argue With A Fool – They Will Drag You Down To Their Level, Then Beat You With Experience!”

  2. Akshat Leave This Insanity Driven Guy. Ali Fucktard You Can Suck Your Balls Dude. No One Gives A Shit If You hate India ! Keep Whining Like a Kid No One Gives A Fuck.You Are Noting But a Fucking Prick Pretending To Be a Intellectual ! Fuck You , Pseudo Intellectual Cunt !

    PS: Don’t Make Me Point Out The Flaws In This Article….. Coz You Will be Fucked !

  3. “Don’t you dare tell me how much I will uphold justice or not. You are no one to comment on that, and it should remain that way.”

    I am sorry if I offended you. But your statement previously just represented the negativity you have for the people of India. It seemed you believe that every one has paid bribe some of the other time.

    “Don’t tell me what goes on in my profession. And please don’t you rely on magazines with glossy covers carrying inciteful speeches just so that they can sell more, just like you did with the phrase “I hate India”.”

    I don’t really need to tell you. I am sure you are honest to what you know. I don’t even trust the media, Nor do I rely on those magazines, No way I know even they are a complete game. Some channel owned by some politician another by some another. — As for my phrase. It’s well used by all in literalism they call it the Power of Curiosity

    “I don’t see you were executed, so I would like to know where you got this from. From others experiences? So we have a person here, who will attempt the impossible with Info from others. Nice.”

    It’s not the stories of some other people. and I haven’t still rebelled against the system to get executed so soon. All I can say is wait an watch the mile-stones being achieved. Some day you sure will hear about my assassination.

    “I see you have already accomplished quite a hell lot, I have seen your name somewhere.”
    I am surprised, I don’t work for name. I don’t know where you found it.

    “Your mind is polluted, at least you do sound like it, with rage and prejudice. And I can tell you that this is not good.”
    I don’t know how you say it is filled with rage and prejudice, cause I never spoke of violence here,
    and How can you say “prejudice” in spite of knowing that the constitution is crooked.

    Thanks for all the best wishes. I desperately need them.

  4. “When you said previously somewhere that I am sure you must be happy paying bribe and escaping, That just showed how much you will uphold to justice.”

    Don’t you dare tell me how much I will uphold justice or not. You are no one to comment on that, and it should remain that way.

    “You will soon realize, How the very same Laws are manipulated and Justice becomes a mockery for the criminals.”

    Don’t tell me what goes on in my profession. And please don’t you rely on magazines with glossy covers carrying inciteful speeches just so that they can sell more, just like you did with the phrase “I hate India”.

    “A slave of the system. TRY raising your voice against it. You will be held and executed.”

    I don’t see you were executed, so I would like to know where you got this from. From others experiences? So we have a person here, who will attempt the impossible with Info from others. Nice.

    “So with my believe I work everyday and not wait for some chance and day. ”

    I see you have already accomplished quite a hell lot, I have seen your name somewhere.

    Your mind is polluted, at least you do sound like it, with rage and prejudice. And I can tell you that this is not good. Anyway, Best of luck with your endeavours.

  5. Thanks so much for replying back. I do realize that people on the world wide web know me well they simply Google it up. 😉

    Unlike you I am not studying LAW. I plan too though, for the knowledge sake and not for practicing and becoming a party of the SYSTEM which I desire to change.

    As for ARTS, Political Science, I am quite interested, To the best of my ability I try to multi-task.

    Armed Forces, I don’t wish to join, cause my cause is not limited to a border. It’s suppose to be a global. People on the other side of the border are also very patriotic for their country. My cause is not limited to a country. It’s for Humanity. But I will learn Marshal Arts in near future cause I might require it for my cause.

    As you rightly get the feel that you are the upholder of Justice by practicing and learning Law of your country. You will soon realize, How the very same Laws are manipulated and Justice becomes a mockery for the criminals.

    When you said previously somewhere that I am sure you must be happy paying bribe and escaping, That just showed how much you will uphold to justice. Being a part of the system you think you are in authority. Unfortunately I feel you are an authority YES. But just on paper. You don’t hold the real power. You are a in born slave in your own words. A slave of the system. TRY raising your voice against it. You will be held and executed.

    It’s good that you have a plan in mind and eventually you think your small plans will lead you to a master plan someday. So you wait for the opportunity, While I believe that the biggest problem will be choosing the best occasions and opportunities. So with my believe I work everyday and not wait for some chance and day.

    Might seem -I have not begun. Indeed writing a blog post would not help much, but my motive was just to document my thoughts not for people to read and get responses. I made a catchy title so that my dear ones get curious to know what I am thinking. They correctly suggested that there will be thousands out there who would not believe what I say, they would not be ready for it because.

    I loved that conversation too 😉 thanks for all the attention to the post.

  6. “I’ll try the not practical, the impossible…”

    Hehe.. look at you, you sound like a kid. I don’t think you have crossed your teenage-hood and by what you write, I think you are a student, who is probably studying an Engineering course, or something like that. And with that said, why aren’t you in the Armed Forces if you are so patriotic. And if defending isn’t your thing, why aren’t you doing an Arts course, which teaches you Political science, History, Philosophy and Logic, if you want to join politics, which is the only other way I see that you can employ.

    Thus, when you say that you will give your life up for this country, it wouldn’t make much of a difference because you aren’t able to do anything as of now. And as for me, why do I feel that i have the authority to say so. Because I chose law. I chose to be the upholder of Justice in my country and do my bit. Eventhough, it might be small, but I do know that the path I am on, I will have an opportunity to do so and whereas you Sir, have not really begun. So just writing a speech won’t do much, in my view.

    Anyway, we have had our conversation and I enjoyed talking to you. There is nothing wrong with your attitude, and we do, in fact, need different people with different perspectives, outlook, thought process and psychology.

    Live long. 🙂

  7. Brother Akshat,

    Then it’s fine and agreed. You sit and watch the destruction of our bleak country. Wait for another 100-200 years for it to improve.

    While I will try to the last breath of mine, the last drop of my blood to To change it – as you say that would mean we establish a new state, a new constitution. I’ll try the not practical, the impossible….

    It’s ok.. cause my life even if it goes for the cause would not matter much. It’s just me and my life going with my own will.. and those who would accompany me with their choice and will..No one is forced here.

  8. Read Articles 13 through 32 from the Constitution of India[Bare Act]. I suggest every Indian that they should read it and be very well aware of the rights they have been bestowed as a right..Know your rights. And since you speak about them, it is all the more necessary for you.

    And no, Fundamental Rights cannot be changed. They are incorporated in the constitution and the constitution itself provides that we cannot change it. Only thing that can be done is new and better interpretation of it by the Supreme Court, which is already in progress.

    And we are born slaves, and no it can’t be changed. Somethings need time before they change. And it won’t take place right now, for right now we aren’t even in the mental frame to accept the idea. Saying no to slavery is a very Big thing now. If at all we do change ourselves and no longer enslaved, due to some miracle and an ideal leader, it will still take a century if not 150 to 200 years. There is nothing we can do right now, for there are things which are impossible to do, like turning time back. And it is not boasting, it is quietly accepting the fate, destiny.

    And sure, you must compare your speech with those with that of the freedom fighters, in terms of incite. But what good did it do? We were at fault since the very beginning(Right from the framing of the Constitution). We need the masses to be enlightened in general which will really take a very long time(Hence I say we’ll take a century at least), and not momentarily swayed by a fierce-ful/inciting speech. See my point?

    And your lament about law needing to change. No one can do anything. To change it would mean we establish a new state, a new constitution. Hence, it is not practical.

    So my friend, I am still here, maintaining my point. We can only sit back and watch the destruction. India is 1.3 billion, and we have no idea how backward our poor country is and how bleak chances we have ever to make it a big country.

  9. Thanks for the comment Brother Akshat Anand….
    I am a citizen of this country and I am not a Law Student…
    You must have understood that very well now..

    When I see the fundamental rights in simple words as they are presented, without all those clauses.
    I don’t find them…If you agree that the framed fundamental rights are crooked… Then should we not do something about it?

    As for your myth ” be true to yourself, haven’t you ever given a bribe to someone and felt happy that you were happy that you were in India.” I am honest to my self.. and No I do not bribe people for personal gains. I change things my self first before posting a 2100 words entry on a public blog. I hold responsibility for it.

    When you also agree that we are in born slaves, Then why don’t you talk about changing it. Why do you just accept it?
    Is it something that we should boast of?

    I love India for the very same reason you love, I don’t hate anything. As for my tone, some people will wake up to the truth that way. I don’t compare but the speeches given by the father of the nation, the freedom fighter were all incite-full against the law of that time.

    My point here is only to stand against the wrong happening. I am sure you agree that there is wrong happening at the root level. I do wear a smile on my face, But my heart burns for the Injustice within. You being a law student pointed out that these things are very much as a clause under the fundamental rights. So it is something more to lament about… Because that indicates that Laws need to be changed..

    I am absolutely not offended by anything you said. In-fact there is always lots to learn. Like you told me about the clause – I did not know about all that. Brain-storming always helps.

    I really thank you for writing..

  10. The title to the article was catchy, yes. It worked well, No. I did not read your post with attention but more with Despise. I am not stating that I love the current state of affairs in the state of India, but I disagree with nearly each and every point that you put forth here. I have many problems with this post, if I may, and I will try to be precise with them.

    When you talk about Fundamental rights, you should have been more thorough with it. I am student of law and hence, I know what I am talking about.

    See, everything has certain clauses, exceptions to it, minor but very important details which make or break the entire meaning of law.

    Article 14 of the Constitution of India grants us equality before law and equal protection of law. Meaning, that only equals can be treated as equals. Thus, inequals can’t be treated as equals. I feel this is a perfect logic. Hence, our Fundamental right has itself created such a clause. Thus, this really evades the question of having Quotas in college, and I feel that you have over looked the Supreme Court ruling which omits the Creamy layer from getting Quota. Thus, I don’t see why under privileged people who could not receive/afford education should not be pedestalized. This includes regionalism, tribalism. And with regard to Marathi/Gujrati problems, there is a law which states that Immigration in between states can be done, provided we don’t cause a problem to the original inhabitants. This even deals with your right to education.
    And if you know, right to education comes under 21-A which states that children below the age of 14 are to get free education which is currently true in the state of india, under the Sarv Shiksha Abhyaan. Hence, you don’t really make much sense here.
    Moreover, Articles 15, 16 have clauses giving reservation to the underprivileged. Thus, you cannot argue with that. And really, it happens only in movies that people who are meritorious don’t get a decent college. And people who don’t get a college, i believe, is because they didn’t deserve it. True, some people are deprived, but it is not the normal state of affairs as you state. And the colleges that you ARE talking about, I don’t think enjoy a good reputation, so I don’t see what the fuss is all about.

    Right to freedom is very free in India, and the Supreme Court has been more than efficient in recent times on shedding more and more importance to it. I can go on and on, on this one but I would like to be quick in my comment.

    Freedom from exploitation again has a clause under Article 22 which grants the state to detain a person with reasonable belief if he is a threat to the state and well being of it. Which again really is a just clause. And bribe, it is really in the system and where is it not practised? The solution to this is not criticising them but if we ALL stop giving bribes at all. And really, be true to yourself, haven’t you ever given a bribe to someone and felt happy that you were happy that you were in India.

    And the political parties, you blame them. The irony of it oozes horror. We are the ones who have bestowed power unto them. If we don’t support them, they can’t survive. We aren’t together. We as a state are diverse and divided and that is the truth. Britishers did it and so are they(pol. parties) doing it now. We are at fault. We never learnt from out mistakes and we never will. Slavery is in born to us, since we are the only country to always been have invaded/ruled by others. If i dare, I might even add that we will never change.

    I refrain myself from commenting for constitutional remedies, for fear of coming off as being prejudiced, hence, think/write what you want.

    The biggest problem with your write up is that you are biased towards one side(at least you sound as one) and you haven’t presented two sides of the conversation. My preceding lines were just that, in my humble opinion.

    And the other side to my comment/retort is:

    See, the only way out is go back 62 years in time, re-frame the fundamental rights. Because, it is that which is crooked. If something is written in some manner and the power which is conferred states that it is to be abided that way, no one can do anything about it. Hence, there isn’t much of a solution here, unless of course, almighty Supreme court steps up with play of words and rectifies it, which it has done to a great extent.

    I really have much much more to say, but now I forget what all i had in mind when I was going through your post.

    I do not love India, because of what it has become, but I will always be in India because I am an Indian and I have to live with it. And the bottom line of my enormous/tedious comment is, Don’t hate anything for the wrong reasons. And please don’t use an inciteful tone, it doesn’t sound good. Let people decide for themselves, for then truly can we have a democratic country. Till then, we smile.

    I hope I did not offend you in anyway for it wasn’t genuinely my intention.

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