Degree or Education?

Thinking, Rationalizing, Reflecting >> What’s more important.

a) A Degree
b) An Education

Many of you may ask what’s the difference. Some of you may know the difference.
But what limits the world from actualizing the difference publicly?
All of us want graduates? Isn’t it?

Let me drag you an era before the medieval history, An Era we recall -what is Ancient History.
People living in that period did not know what a university was. In fact a university never existed then.

People did not get honored with degrees or graduated ever, There ain’t any convocations then.
There were no scaling system at all to measure ones IQ and promote or demote one to a specific grade.

What existed back then was Education. University is just a creation of 859, when a young princess named Fatima al-Firhi founded the first degree-granting university in Fez, Morocco. This creation was a really good thing that happened to humans -Certainly.

However the evolution in corruption since then has put a big question to what kind of Education the modern universities are offering? There is no education, Not any more.

On a serious note. The students are not learning anything in these universities. Most of the times, It is self-study. So why are they still studying there? It’s the degree which matters.

The people today are more concerned about their qualification. They want to be called a graduate. That’s because they will be employable. They will be one-up in this temporary society.

What matters more to me is Education. It’s a big waste of time going to a university just for a degree. Degree for me at least is no more a criteria for measuring ones IQ. That’s because people purchase degrees. Unfortunately those who even study and get out of these universities learn nothing which is used for practical applications. Many of them are unemployable.

I plan to DROP OUT. I plan to educate my self with knowledge and not the so called degrees and certificates.
I plan to learn what is required and not the dozens of waste being taught around. I plan to study concrete and universal laws. Laws that do not change with time.

All this would not give me a degree, It would not even give me a Qualification as the times demand.
But my plan achieves a lot of saved time, saved money and importantly True Education.

An Education which is not hijacked by the wealthy. Which is not governed by Laws.
Which gives experience in practical applications. An Education which is not manipulated for Power.

I understand I am a little late. But Not any more of wasting time. I consider DROPPING OUT NOW.

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Life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself.... I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to anyone's expectations; thereby a real loner in the crowd. Having said that, I believe that I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. With the heart that feels and the mind that thinks...I am not myself in any degree ashamed of having changed my opinions a billion times to reach a correct conclusion. Without knowing what I am and why I am here, life for me is impossible. I just love to study how things came into being, Love to watch the impressions created on the sand of time. You would see me talking to myself and the reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept and I would like to be what I am. I like it that way. I also call myself a militant pacifist. As I am willing to fight for peace. In matters of fashion I flow with the current, but In matters of principle I am like the stiff rock in the ocean that is not moved by any of the waves. At the same time I realize that there are six billion people living, with another six trillion principles to a particular thing. Modestly, I would love to know them all and see If I can break that stiff rock of the ocean. Looks, Status, Wealth are of no real significance for me. What I aim for in my self and look in other people around is Wisdom, Modesty, Good Character, Honesty and Credibility.. These things are really important.. When I am saying being a good character, There are a lot of people who have defined it their ways. But I simply mean "doing what is right when nobody is looking" and When I say credibility, That is when they practice what the preach. those are the lines of my thought !!

One thought on “Degree or Education?”

  1. Hope this helps >>>>

    Some famous dropouts>>>

    George Washington….

    1st U.S. President; former general; Chairman of the Constitutional Convention;
    U.S. nickname: “The Father of Our Country”;
    face is pictured on the U.S. one dollar bill and twenty-five cent coin (quarter)

    Soichiro Honda……

    self-made multimillionaire Japaneses businessman;
    motorcycle industry pioneer;
    founder of the Honda Motor Company.

    Ray Kroc………..

    self-made billionaire American businessman;
    founder of the “McDonald’s” fast-food restaurant chain;

    George Eastman……

    self-made multimillionaire American inventor
    founder of the “Kodak” roll film camera and corporation.

    Earl Muntz……

    self-made multimillionaire businessman;
    auto dealer;
    auto manufacturer;
    developer of the car stereo tape deck player;
    television set manufacturing pioneer;
    coined the term “TV.”

    Kane Kramer……

    British inventor of the technology behind the iPod.

    Henry J. Kaiser….

    self-made multimillionaire American businessman;
    founder of “Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation,”
    Kaiser Steel.

    Andrew Johnson…..

    17th U.S. President

    Kjell Inge Rokke…..

    self-made billionaire Norwegian businessman.

    François Pinault……

    self-made billionaire French businessman

    Kemmons Wilson…..

    self-made multimillionaire American businessman;
    founder of the “Holiday Inn” hotel chain; author.

    Del E. Webb……..

    self-made multimillionaire American businessman;
    former co-owner of the New York Yankees baseball team 1945-1965 during 10 World Series wins.

    Cornelius Vanderbilt……

    self-made American multimillionaire steamship and railroad builder

    Isaac Merrit Singer….

    American sewing machine inventor; s
    elf-made multimillionaire founder of “Singer Industries,” “I.M. Singer and Company,” etc.

    John Simplot……

    self-made billionaire American agricultural businessman.

    George Bernard Shaw….

    Nobel Prize-winning best-selling Irish-born British author;

    Adolph Ochs…….

    self-made multimillionaire American businessman;
    early owner and publisher of The New York Times newspaper.

    David H. Murdock….

    self-made billionaire American businessman;
    chairman and CEO of Dole Food Company, Inc.;
    American author.

    John Major………

    British Prime Minister 1990-1997;

    Joe Lewis……..

    self-made billionaire British businessman.

    Carl Lindner…….

    self-made billionaire American businessman.

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