ZindaIslam.com .. on it’s way to launch

we had a discussion on few spritual and religious topics and then started talking about how tech savvy our community should get and people should work on this… thoughts got translated in to talks and talks in to action…

Mr. Tauseef Zaidi …. my mamu who i was discussing with on this.. decided to get a website developed which aims at digitalising the Shi’a Community… by giving them news updates of happenings of Shi’a Muslims around the world .. and a resource to Multimedia ,, which would have Holy Quran, Duas, Hadith, Majalis and all possible thing in different format which can conviniently be downloaded from the website…

idea -not being very new … because many websites have already done this.. but the thing which would differ would be the management of this content..

a backend developed in .net which would easily manage the content, post news letters, add news and happenings, and manage the discussion board… so they are all there togeather clubbed in one website.. the site becomes so easy with the backend that only one user can manage the whole ton of content..

it is going to be something like clubbing shiachat.com, azadari.com, hussainiat.com, jafariyanews.com … all of them togeather…it’s in the last phase of testing and data entry.. the launch date is fixed on the 23rd May, 2009..

the website ZindaIslam.com,  is under the banner of Acti Islamic Development Organisations …. which inturn would be dedicated to my nana and dada.. Syed Mashooq Hussain, and Syed Majid Hasan

and the line that fits the theme of the website,
“Islam Zinda Hota Hain, Har Karbala Ke Bad”


  1. Brother Jamil,,

    thanks for your opinions.. It is going to be for the whole community. In fact even the non-muslims…
    But in particular talk about the Shi’a Faith and Ahlul Bayt dealing with Jaffariya Fiqa Issues…

    This because… As of now I do not find any platform which answers questions online derived from Jaffariya Fiqa..
    Although there are many websites for other schools of thoughts in Islam…

    and I am sure, Ahle Sunnat Brothers in Faith and others will also draw traffic to the website since they would like to know what we believe in and not just accept what was told to them about us…

    regards, allahafiz,
    Syed Ali Abbas Hasni

  2. Dear Mr. Ali your efforts on this are really appriciated But what i felt that you have limited the access what is your say? what i mean is that it should be for the whole community that is for all muslims
    With warm regards
    Mohd Jamil

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