Political Fronts: The Future of Governance


What can shape one of the most politically active countries in the world. A traditional answer would be Ideology, power (manpower, money and media) and social changes, the three factors which can produce the third political front. The traditional method needs a lot of power with vast social reach to convert that into votes. But what if there was a different way? This article is the first in a series that will explore this question, posing it to both policymakers and theorists, looking for answers to this pressing issue. 

In this series, we will examine the current state of governance and discuss how a third front might shape up.

The possibility of India’s Third Front

Whether or not the Third Front will arise to challenge the BJP and Congress is still a question. The Third Front may arise to champion regional parties, but one thing is clear: India’s politics is in for a major shakeup in the coming years. This is a really good thing as a combination of factors has made the old system unworkable: the rise of strong regional leaders and activist, the collapse of the Congress party, and the Bhakti of Narendra Modi. Large changes are in store for India.

Cons and Pros of a Third Front

A third front is an idea that’s gaining momentum in India, with the focus of this front being on governance rather than ideology. The cons of a third front include how it would be difficult to form alliances because of the lack of common ground. The pros include how if successful, it could bring about much-needed change.

Possible Shape of Third Front? 

The participatory democracy, i.e. the idea of social media and user-generated content to create a virtual public sphere can be used in tandem with the principle of subsidiarity, where communities form their own needs and political systems, which is an effective way to combat populism.

Governments around the world are transitioning to governance models that take advantage of new digital technologies. These technologies enhance the quality and accessibility of public services, provide more effective control of public resources, and help build trust with citizens. What if we could envision a Third Front that does not have a core-ideology of it’s own but the power to crowdsource it from subject experts and up-vote it? What if only the act of up-voting can cause a social change? and Imagine if all of this could be scaled up from India, a specific country to a planet level, global governance?

There is an old curse about it: May you live in interesting times. The curse is on us, and it will be particularly hard to break out from its grip if we naively assume that we know what “politics” and “governance” are. 

The future of governance is an increasingly global, fragmented and a complicated terrain. The more we try to control the behaviour and thoughts of others, the more we see resistance and backlash. It’s time for a new concept of citizenship that embodies both individuality and collective responsibility; one where on balance we can be kinder to ourselves and each other. Where we can choose to be a part of various political fronts, each being a community of it’s own and thus deriving very dynamic glocal identities and killing stereotypes.

Managing conflict with A Sense of Humour!

Does this remind you of Chandler Bing, a sarcastic, self-deprecating character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Countless millennials grew up watching the timeless show. The cultural impact of the show is so prominent in the young adults, If only we realise that global median age of the planet has now passed 29 years and the way the show has contributed in shaping this population is so protruding.

In the midst of a pandemic, when the world is locked down and the majority of our species are fighting for survival, the government’s are clueless and the World Health Organisation is mired in fighting the conspiracy theorist. I have sensed how people are continuously managing all their conflicts with humour and It’s funny that I now feel it’s going to be the same around dooms day!

Witness the madness; the most downloaded social media app is TikTok, the content is viral and while everyone is laughing and joking about their miseries.

The science of humour is no laughing matter,

When it comes to comedy, it’s often a thin line between love and hate. What qualities make something funny (or not) is a question that philosophers have been attempting to answer for thousands of years. But a pair of psychological scientists have come up with a theory that explains why we might laugh at a dark joke about a pandemic as well as a silly pun or play on words.

Psychological scientists Peter McGraw (University of Colorado, Boulder) and Caleb Warren (University of Arizona) propose that negativity is an intrinsic part of humour — without violating a norm or rule of some kind, a joke just isn’t funny. But violations can’t stray too far; otherwise, they become unappealing or even disgusting and upsetting. According to the researchers’ Benign Violation Theory, a violation is humorous when it breaks a rule or norm but is benign.

McGraw and Warren’s Humour Research Lab (HuRL) has conducted several studies examining the exact criteria that cause us to perceive a comedic situation as benign or not. Along with the severity of the norm violation, a sense of psychological distance from the violation — by space, time, relationships, or imagination — is a key ingredient for turning an unpleasant situation into a humorous one, they posit.

For example, in a study published in Psychological Science, the researchers looked at the effect of psychological distance in terms of time. Inspired by the classic Mark Twain quote,

“Humour is tragedy plus time,”

the research team investigated how the passage of time can influence one’s perception of an event as funny or painful. “If distance increases the humour in severe violations (i.e., tragedies), but decreases the humour in mild violations (i.e., mishaps), then autobiographical events that get funnier over time should feature more severe violations than those that get less funny over time,” the researchers write.

Here we are in the midst of a pandemic, COVID 19 is killing people in thousands every day, Social distancing is in effect and yet somehow we have managed to acquire the psychological distance. Don’t get me wrong, I am not criticising the ones creating the jokes, In-fact I applaud them because humour is giving the very essential energising effect and humour can help facilitate recovery from stressful situations, even prolonging people’s tolerance for physical and emotional pain. In the age of Social Media -Tiktok at the very least has got the message out that we are all in this together!

My only advice is to use humour in the righteous way, not be insensitive and make light of a situation that really isn’t consider the following.

  1. Humour should be equally fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. If others don’t think you joking or teasing is funny—stop immediately. Before you start playing around, take a moment to consider your motives, (Is your true intent to communicate positive feelings—or are you taking a dig, expressing anger, or laughing at the other person’s misery). Also be sensitive the other person’s state of mind and sense of humour.
  2. Humour helps you stay resilient in the face of life’s challenges. But there are times when humour is not healthy—and that’s when it is used as a cover for avoiding, rather than coping with, painful emotions. Laughter can be a disguise for feelings of hurt, fear, anger, and disappointment that you don’t want to feel or don’t know how to express. You can be funny about the truth, but covering up the truth or lying isn’t funny. When you use humour and playfulness as a cover for other emotions, you create confusion and mistrust

Remember, if you’re able to keep your thoughts clean, you keep your character clean!

I end with a confession that I miss the days when I sneezed & people would end with a polite bless you, Now it’s very different.

The irreparable loss of Khateeb-e-Akbar

The demise of Professor Mirza Mohammad Athar has left the community saddened. At the age of 79, he was inching towards his valedictory breath in Max Hospital Saket, New Delhi. The 26th of February will be remembered for the irreparable loss to knowledge and man-kind. Thousands of people, students, scholars, including the chief minister of the state Akhilesh Yadav, attended his funeral in his hometown, Lucknow.


An alum of Sultan-ul-Madaris, where he graduated and later mastered persian literature. A teacher and exemplary orator, holding a record for his annual sermons at the Moghul Masjid for the last 58 years in the Limca Book of Records.

Those who lived through the era of his sermons at Moghul Masjid now know that it will never be the same. The fierce defender of righteousness and wilayat of Imam Ali will be cherished for his several teachings on human rights, terrorism, Islamic jurisprudence, critical analysis of ideas and authenticity of historical references.

Fondly known as Athar sahab,  He also stood strong for justice and as the President of the Law Board (AISPLB), He came up with a set of deterrents to counter the marked apathy towards gender issues, particularly rising cases of violence against women and frivolous divorces.

He also worked on applying restriction to those who opt for infanticide and selective termination of pregnancy to rule out giving birth to a girl child. He strongly believed that No one has a right to play God and eliminate a life in the making due to gender bias, and condemned such acts.

Renowned across the globe for his uniqueness in oratory, eloquence of speech and content, He kept himself away from politics during sermons. When he was questioned about the use of metaphors in his sermons, he replied “Ek zamane mein jo Lucknow ki zabaan thi, abhi kareeb kareeb khatam ho gayi hain” and so has humanity, if he understand his last sermon.

His last sermon was on Humanity, where he exhorted Sunnis and Shias, sects that have been at odds, to stop fighting amongst themselves and respect their differences that stem from the disagreement over who took on the mantle of Islam after the Prophet. He further emphasised over and again about fighting intolerance and popularly said “Where kingdoms don’t exist politics does”

Following Saudi Arabia’s controversial execution of cleric Nimr al-Nimr and his three associates, along with 44 others, Athar sahab spearheaded peaceful demonstrations and protest against the Consul General of Saudi Arabia in Mumbai to showcase the apathy and atrocities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, hqdefault.jpg

In the end and through his several teachings, we come to the realisation that the tragedy of living is not dying, but what we let kill inside us, while we live. Athar sahab finally gets to meet Imam Ali, who he defended for over 5 decades.

May his soul be given the highest regards in heaven. Will miss his presence! 😦

Irritations of Life

Everything that irritates us about others can lead to an understanding about ourselves. Sometimes these irritations will not go away until we get to know why they got in our lives in the first place. There is a lesson in everything. You have made a mistake, said the wrong thing, did the wrong thing and now you think:

How did I let that happen? What a (fill in the blank) I am. I can’t believe I did that, If only I could rewind.

This is one of the many million irritations of life, Definitely not a good feeling and we live our lives in irony. We dislike how we feel having just tripped up and then continue to beat ourselves way after the fact. We cause our own suffering, furthermore we forget the fact that the mistakes we make help us grow. So what is Integral to happiness, growth and strength? Contrary to popular practice, it’s not being passive and living in the present. It’s not walking away from the past, It is in fact – making our mistakes the fuel of our awareness and helping us decide on how to act, react and respond in fresh and fruitful way.

If we give them the right direction and allow them, they can bring us closer to happiness, being strong and growing beyond imaginations, away from sufferings. So yes you have to fix it. You have to make your ego beg your wisdom to shape you better, make you stronger and help you grow faster. Simply walking away from the feeling of your unwanted past will not help you attain a happy future. You will be a victim in your head for life and that’s a disgusting feeling for someone who wishes to take charge of life. So accept where you are. You will immediately suffer less. Remember this is merely one moment in time. It only defines you and your worth if you choose to make it a defining moment. and Yes, this human moment has come to find you again, but you’re now higher up and can respond from a different place, literally, figuratively, emotionally, and intellectually.

It will not matter at this point how much wealth you have amassed, how people around you think you are a star, how much potential you have within you to be truly awesome, or how much wisdom you have acquired over the years. None of this will really matter when you are facing the irritations of life. How you have treated your past ultimately decides all. So to tackle this irritation of life, you should Ask yourself: How can I respond from this higher place instead of causing myself pain?

Think it, Say it, Act on it, and let it create your new character.

It is truly liberating to know that we are acting from an intelligent place today versus yesterday.

Woe is not you, Wisdom is.

We need to remember that everything transforms and then adopt a growth mindset. We need to practice the art of forgiving, forgetting and transforming then en-routing our mistakes and irritations in the right direction to shape our future. In the end the character we mould for ourselves should not remember us for the several mistakes we did, the times we got irritated, It should all be lost in the memory dump, what should be left in our control centre as a core memory are the lessons we learned. If we cannot discipline ourselves to do this. Then we will forever remain victims. In the end you should know that what consumes our mind, controls our lives!

We can Fix it, if we ask just 3 questions!

01. Did I cause this irritation? Is it some fault of mine?

02. What negative traits does this reveal in my life?

03. What qualities does God want to develop in me?

and this is the most important one, God brings testing to shape and mould us,
The answer to the second question and a bundled of other necessary traits to fix it,
Those are somethings that God is crafting our personality with.

To conclude, I would like to quote the famous poetry by Linda Winchell

An oyster first forms a pearl,
from the irritation of a single grain of sand.
It’s never placed by mistake inside you see,
it was placed by God’s gentle Loving hand.

Like so many things in man’s own life,
those irritants that we sometimes feel.
No different than the oysters grain of sand
but to us, much more irritating to deal.

God places these grains of sand in our lives
in-order that we all might learn.
To form the pearls we need to form
to place in the crowns, of which we’ve earned.

7 Behaviors Most People Think Are Negative That Are Actually Healthy

The most healthy behavior is simply for you to be authentic. Yet often we avoid our own authentic behaviors thinking they are unhealthy ones. Your own mind and body know what you need. And if you need a reminder why it is important to follow your authentic self, look at these common behaviors which are often considered negative which can actually be healthy.

1. Anger

Anger is something many of us avoid expressing and yet it can often be very liberating. Being angry and expressing it in a healthy way can create powerful and positive change in our lives. Anger is simply a type of emotional energy that rises up in us when we have been wronged and a personal boundary has been crossed. That energy is set out on a mission to dismantle the inappropriate situation that has caused our suffering.

So, learn how to embrace that energy and put it to positive use. When you become angry, examine how you can express that anger in a positive way that will create change for the better. It is when we deny our anger and avoid it that it can turn into more unhealthy ways of being, such as rage or depression. Know that healthy anger is there for a reason, to be your protector and liberator.

2. Being Lost

We are feeling lost when we have lost our sense of direction. Yet when we are lost, it makes us pay attention to the moment and to our instincts. If you have ever been lost in a big city or a foreign land, you likely also made some wonderful discoveries while trying to find your way.

The same is true for life. Be okay with knowing it is the journey that is important, and sometimes in being lost and going down paths we never would have thought to choose we find out things about ourselves that are amazing. We discover unknown talents in ourselves, and meet friends or allies who otherwise would have remained a mystery. Being lost now doesn’t mean you will be lost forever. It simply means you are taking your time in finding your way, and also allowing the world around you to give input into the path which is best for you. Often it is that input we never would have dreamed to ask for that sets us on our true path.

3. Crying

Crying, like anger, is a healthy human emotional response to certain situations. Although few of us would want to be crying all the time, it is important to honor those times in life which may bring us to tears. Those tears can be tears of loss but also of joy. When we cry, it helps our psyche unleash energy that if we were to hold on to may become toxic or make us rigid.

Crying also softens our personalities as well as our appearance to the outside world, letting others know we feel, care, grieve and are effected by the world around us. So, crying not only lets us release our grief and sorrow, but also sends a signal to others that we are open and vulnerable as human beings, making us more attractive as friends and partners than those who never shed a tear for any reason.

4. Being alone

Being alone doesn’t have to be seen in a negative way and often can mean that we are just cutting off some of the not necessary social activities to dive into a deeper level of our being. It’s true that there are some situations where a person isolating themselves might be a reason of concern, but know as well that many of the worlds greatest artists, writers and thinkers found supreme value in solitude to find deeper inspiration and re-ignited their sense of creativity. Sometimes we just need to turn off the external stimuli and be with ourselves.

If you are feeling the need to be alone, trust and honor it. Sometimes a walk by yourself in the park, or even going on a solo vacation can lead to a level of self reflection that completely renews our sense of purpose. In some situations, the most healthy thing you can do for yourself is to be alone.

5. Not listening

Not listening to others may often be seen as an anti-social or even arrogant form of behavior, and yet there are times when you need to just go on your own intuition and be free with what your inner calling is. Keeping your eye on a strong vision sometimes requires you to ignore or tune out those voices who may not understand or be in alignment with that vision. Trust yourself and know that if advice is being given to you there may be some very good reasons not to listen to it.

Not listening can also simply display a level of discernment, as we have all seen those people who listen to what everyone else tells them, and how they can often appear to be captains on a rudderless ship, lacking an internal strong sense of direction. Be wise and know when to listen to others and when not to. If that inner bell says to go on your own gut feeling in spite of what others say, then trust it.

6. Breaking the rules

Breaking the rules at times can improve your life, as well as the lives of others. Rules are made by people, and none of us are perfect. So, trust in your own ability to find the heart behind the rule, and then decide for yourself if that rule promotes the greater good. Most innovations in art, science and society happen because someone stopped abiding by the rules as they were written and had the courage to challenge those rules that were unjust. Some of the world’s great rule breakers were Rosa Parks, Gandhi, John Lennon, and Martin Luther King Jr. Don’t be afraid to be like them.

7. Not fitting in

Not fitting in can be painful and awkward, especially during teenage years, but it can also mean you’re an innovator and that you have something to offer beyond the norm. When we fit in, it is usually because our thoughts, feelings and even our imagination is in tune with our community. Stepping outside that box of what others might expect of us can lead us into a place of not fitting in, but it can also lead us to explore outside the zone of commonly accepted beliefs and thoughts, which is the fertile ground for new ideas and new ways of thinking that beget innovation.

The future never fits nicely into the past, so embrace who you are in the now even if it doesn’t fit in with others. Know that your innovations may forge a new path that others may eventually follow.

**This article was originally featured on lifehack.org, and was written by Brett Bevell.

Beloved Funny Robin Williams Dead

RIP Robin Williams!

So pay attention. This matters, as much as #Iraq and #Gaza. Differently, but as much. Do not condemn those who seemed unmoved by Gaza or Iraq but appear to be paralysed by the death of someone they’d never met. You’re on dangerous, holy ground if you’re with them. With all respect to the “#HonoraryJew” and his decision to end his own life, #RobinWilliams and condolences to his family and all fans, while I express grief and sorrow for the entertainer who made my childhood fun. I cannot help but connect the two issues, since his death, and prior to his death, his support to the State of Israel, I personally think that the survivors of the #ISIS attack in Iraq, Syria and the Gaza, survivors of the #Israel‘s offensive attack should all pause their grieving and mourn the death of the Oscar-winning actor who took his own life this Monday, at his luxury home in the exclusive town of Tiburon, just north San Francisco. Afterall they know how it is to lose a loved one better than anyone else around; After all doesn’t his suicide deserve to be trending all over the media, than the mass slaughter of innocent people.

If anyone of you feel suicidal, please call: 91-22-27546669

#PreventSucide #CondemnSucide #CondemnGenocide #CondemnWar

the only man to be born inside the Kaaba!

Sitting in the state of Texas, at an Islamic center which goes by the name
“Momin” in Irving, on a day that has always been celebrated in the entirety of my life with great joy.

The 13th of Rajab: Some days leave a mark on the coherent account of past, such marks that no events or happenings in the future can overwrite it,  Ali, peace be upon him, the son of Imran, upon whom, be peace too, was born on the 13th of Rajab inside the Holy Kaaba, The black cuboid that is placed on the center of our world map,  A place highly regarded by the entire Islamic world. Muslims, pray facing the direction of the Holy Kaaba, five times a day.

The only man to be born inside this respected, admired and treasured strucutre,. Needs no introduction, There have been oceans of ink written about him, Muslims regardless of their sect, Honor him and the Non Muslims who have studied about him, Take lessons from his teachings.

Today we all gather here to celebrate his birth-day, and remember his teachings, a function which was hosted by the Students of Shaheed Prof. Sibte Jaffar and awe-inspiring poet Mir Takallum, Mir Hasan Mir, Shahid Baltistani, dedicated devotional poems to Imam Ali.

The power of words was translated in to strength and vitality required for sustaining my almost drained physical and mental activity. The last poetry covered the jist of the battle of Khyber which is penned by Mir Takallum was recited by Mir Hasan Mir in a pitch that would penetrate your soul.

Which makes me say that, amongt all the wisdom that Ali has blessed us with, His teaching, at the peak of eloquence.. have raised a generation of philosphers, jurist, poets, chemist, botanist, mathematicians, and while we can go on to write about his wisdom and intellect, Ali in his physical form was just absolute and one, a warrior on the battle field who never saw defeat, well asserted in the battle of Khyber.

His wise words and actions of justice are documented in millions of book, here in this article, It’s a difficult choice to make but I would like to quote one of Ali’s own poetry translated to English,

Your sickness is within you, though you do not realize 
And your cure is within, yet you do not see 
You claim that you are nothing but a tiny entity 
Yet wrapped up inside of you is the greatest universe 
You are the clear book, through whose letters 
All that is secret is revealed and made known. 
So you have no need for anything outside of you 
Your consciousness is within you, though you do not know

The poet Kahlil Gibran said of him:

“In my view, ʿAlī was the first Arab to have contact with and converse with the universal soul. He died a martyr of his greatness, he died while prayer was between his two lips. The Arabs did not realise his value until appeared among their Persian neighbors some who knew the difference between gems and gravels.

If we just reflect on his maxims, His choice of words brings man down to the reality of what he is, As he says, that,

a man who sees through fat (eyes), hears through a bone (ears) and speaks through a lump of flesh (tongue), is a wonderful creature.

He needs to live amongst the people in such a manner that if he dies, they weep over him… If he is live.. they crave for his company..

While remembering my ideal, I wish to send my salutations to the leader of the age, Mohammad al-Mahdi, peace be upon him. and pray for his reappearance.

Losing Sibte Jafar :(


Freedom and justice have been twisted,
as an innocent man has been shot dead, While he motored from the place he shaped future, and personalities, two assailants on a motorcycle fired a volley of bullets at him, from the cruel targeted attack by the crooked clad in shalwar-kameez, we lost a Prominent educationist, a poet, an author, a polyglot and above all a humble and kind human.

Prof Sibte Jaffar the principal of Government Degree College, Qasimabad. All of his dreams and plans forever changed, the joy of life cruelly crushed by hatred, and the cold winds of strife.

In the light of the full moon his family’s life has been turned upside down leaving them lost and sadly alone as they watch from afar the ignorant hate that has ended a good man’s life just because he wouldn’t conform to their idea and school of thought.

All his life, Jafar kept an old motorcycle but you needed to call him only once for help in any personal or academic matter and he would arrive at the appointed place

Jafar’s students too remember him for his simplicity and love for Urdu poetry, especially in the elegy genre. He was well-versed in Urdu, Arabic and Persian. Jafar also authored several books and wrote thousands of marsiyas and nohas.

He was a devoted poet and trained hundreds of students in the art, the slain professor even established an institute to teach the art of writing and reciting elegy. About 5,000 students are enrolled at the institute.

The lost to Humanity is not just of Sibte Jafar, but the very idea he reflected in his poetry, those thoughts he authored, and those lessons he taught.

Lest this does not end with a 3 day mourning.

the year 2012

a lot had been written, spoken and predicted for this year, As we step in the future, and bid farewell to twenty twelve, I thought we should introspect, what this year has given us so far? what is it, that we learnt? and what is it, that we lost?


First and foremost, if you are reading this; it’s obvious the world did not come to an end…and then we realize, There is a lot yet to discover, more to innovate and civilization can only revive when there shall come into being in a number of individuals a new tone of mind, independent of the prevalent one among the crowds, and in opposition to it — a tone of mind which will gradually win influence over the collective one, and in the end determine its character. Only an ethical movement can rescue us from barbarism, and the ethical come in to existence only in individuals.

2012 across the globe, taught us all about bringing change, speaking for our rights, defending the righteous and opposing the oppressor. We saw rational minds, loving hearts, courteous hands, laborious legs, and above all open-source religions.

There were massacres, red deaths and white deaths, wars and rebellions, degrading of moral values, liars and manipulators, fascist and fake, in the end these were all lessons. Year after year, we learn these lessons, and year after another we tend to forget.

As I sit by the sunset on the last Sunday of 2012, I look back in 2012 and then I think of it this way…there is a bank account that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day.

Every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would I do?

I say to myself that I would with freedom from any doubts, Draw out every cent, and of course anyone else with a sane mind would do the same?

Now then I relate….Each of us, every single one…  has such a bank.

It’s name is TIME.

Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds.

Every night it writes off as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to a good purpose.

It carries over no balance. It allows no over draft.

Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the remains of the day.

If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours. There is no drawing against “tomorrow.”

You must live in the present on today’s deposits.

Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness and success!

I realize, I did not make each second count. But I am certain to treasure every moment I have now! and treasure it more because I share it with some special ones, special enough to spend my time with. And remember time waits for no one.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is where I live.

tata docomo & it’s stupid policies

I don’t know how more modest could I be, in putting the title to this post.

While respecting the contributions of Tata Group in India’s growth and the positive feelings towards the company’s values and purpose and the deference for the entity, forces me to think of just one problem it has.


The core-values of the group as described in the website above are probably not understood by the employees at the lower level of the chain. The marketing teams and the sale strategist.

I’ll tell you why I am saying this. I have a Tata Docomo Broadband connection at home. Nothing’s bad with their service. I don’t have down-time. It all works perfectly fine. It’s all appreciated, and I say that because they really have NO downtime and good ethical customer support. Now being such a satisfied customer. I still had to disconnect my internet. It was so weird. I was looking to upgrade my Internet plan. As what anyone of you would do. I logged on to the Tata Docomo’s broadband Internet webpage and checked on all the tariff compared them to mine.


Chose my city Mumbai, and there all the tariffs came up.

The stupid policy part as you see, is Monthly rental for existing customer when they upgrade is higher.

The rental for new customers is less. Now this is so stupid. An old customer pays more if he upgrades a plan in spite of having no extra cost involved in changing their plan. The modem and wiring is already done.  As for the new customer he pays less monthly rental.

At first I couldn’t believe, because usually it’s like Old Customers are given better pricing and everything like that. But here the case of was opposite, Old customers were paying more and suffering to have chosen Tata Services earlier than the new customers x_X. That’s so lame.

I called the customer support 022-67908000 and confirmed if that is indeed the tariff. Like how they are always polite, She said yes, sir the old customers have to pay more and I am sorry I can’t do anything about it since It’s a company policy. I still couldn’t believe and I told her to transfer the line to some senior officer rank. This senior officer I spoke too, I told her, Why Do I pay more? You have no extra cost involved in upgrading, the installation is already done. Why do you want me to pay more? She just affirms the company policy.

Isn’t this something weird? Stupid Old Customers find out that they are paying more monthly rental then the new ones. What’s the point here of being loyal to the company services? Instead of benefit, they are looting the old customers.

@TATA Docomo Policy Makers -PLEASE FOR HEAVEN sake! do something about it.

It’s weird to get the connection disconnected and ask for a new one.

Update: 27th June 2012

So a few days after I posted on my blog, I thought I should share the link with Mr. Ratan Tata 🙂

Tweet to Ratan Tata

and trust me, I was not wrong when I said that the chain at the bottom has problem understanding values at times. The Tata Docomo Social Team immediately got in touch with me, and resolved my Internet plan. They also saw to it that the website is fixed with updated plans for everyone. Now that’s really appreciated. Great fix, great work!